Thursday, 7 November 2013

Twitter photos Oct/Nov 2013

After an exhausting, emotional, enjoyable 4 days in the North East, 

relaxing with some Yellow Sport & some Dobro action - 20.10.13

Ready to go at Mission control #TweedaleWhisky - 16.10.13

Last dram of the evening...with an added soupcon of chocolate. 

Difficult to beat a quality dram of Karuizawa : ) 06.11.13

Dram no3: I'll soon be twanging the Dobro. Competing with next door neighbours cats. 

Fast approaching "couldn't care less" 06.11.13

Totally exhausted. Couldn't make my last appointment of the day. 

Time for 1st dram since last Friday. Earned it! 06.11.13

I'm getting dressed up for tonight's MilroysTT2.

Rubber mask is on as I'll be falling flat on my face 30.10.13

Harvesting my bean seeds for next year! I'm at an age when this is an exciting evening

...more so with some Kavalan. 25.10.2013

The theme for this evening's drams is "whimsy"! Kavalan Solist, Naked Grouse, 

@BalconesWhisky 5th Anniv, Balvenie cask 7983

The opening riff from Aerosmith's 1975 Toys in the Attic 

represents how I'm feeling after my first blast of @BalconesWhisky True Blue. 

Quality. 12.10.2013

Sunrise from the office window after a superb @TWEWhiskyShow. 

I hope I didn't sleep here last night! 07.10.13

The cheeky Darach Ur in the background would be my choice...

but the others are good 05.10.13

Our house is part Victorian museum, part every child's nightmare. 

Things go bump in the night" 12.10.13